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Created Date March, 18 2019
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With you in mind. Discover a new way to arrange, book and experience your vacations, from start to finish. And while you’re at it, why not save money too? By becoming an Travel Transparency Vacations member, you’ll have the opportunity to save thousands on your Holiday escapes over time. The more you save, the more destinations you can visit. Now you can finally take that vacation you always dreamed of, virtually anywhere in the world. So what are you waiting for?

Join the thousands of members who experience all that life has to offer with Travel Transparency Vacations Program membership and learn more about what a vacation club lifestyle can do for you and your family.

Travel Transparency Vacations is helping thousands of families across the nation with their vacation planning. We know that it can be a daunting task to plan a vacation with all the hotel options, airlines, travel websites, search engines, etc.

This is why thousands of American families have taken out the stressful task of planning a vacation and have left it up to Travel Transparency Vacations to accomplish it for them, so these families can relax and enjoy their vacation.

Travel Transparency Vacations has over a hundred travel consultants that actually listen to your travel needs and desire, and help plan an ideal vacation accordingly. Our booking agents make it easy to call in and book a trip on the phone right away.

Travel Transparency Vacations also has a private member website where you can book your vacation on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Some of our members have even used the website to book another week of vacation at the same resort while they are already on vacation at the resort.

Travel Transparency Vacations can book your flights, cruises, hotels, condos, and resorts all at a discounted rate. We have a wide selection of resorts in popular destinations for you to stay for a week at the cost of a night or two.

So come live your dreams and stay at your dream vacation!!!

Round-Trip Airfare:

Round-trip air transportation for two people, and hotel at one of 600 locations that include the following hotel groups and their subsidiaries: Hilton, Hyatt properties, Holiday Inn, Carlson, Choice, Marriott.

Las Vegas Escape:

Escape to the entertainment capital of the world.  This exciting getaway includes round-trip airfare for two people, plus hotel accommodations for two fun-filled nights in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tropical Excursion:

This tropical excursion includes round-trip airfare for two people, plus accommodations for two nights in your choice of Honolulu, HI or Los Cabos, San Jose Del Cabo, or Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Travel Transparency’s Promotional Offer:



Per your request in your telephone conversation with our gift notification agent, we’ve made arrangements for you to claim your complimentary vacation on the day, date and time you committed to. As promised you will receive  your choice of one of the following incredible vacation packages:

. Round-trip airfare for two people, plus hotel accommodations for two nights to your choice of one of 600 locations nationwide, including Las Vegas.

2. Round-trip airfare for two people,  plus hotel accommodations for two nights at your  of Honolulu Hawaii, or Los Cabos/Cabo Xan Lucas, Mexico.


No Pressure, Just Fun

Rest assured that you will receive your complimentary vacation without any obligation to buy, sign, or join anything. All we ask is in return is that you check out our travel network in person as scheduled, and either “like us” on facebook, or tell your friends and family about our wholesale travel programs. Basically the complimentary vacation is our way of paying you for “word of mouth advertising“, which we have discovered is money well spent. You have our five-star guarantee you will be treated with the utmost professionalism, and we will make the sixty minutes you spend with us as fun, and entertaining as possible.


Claim Your Gift!

In order to claim your complimentary vacation, you’ll need to provide two forms of identification. Please bring a government issued driver’s license/ID card or a current passport, and a credit card. Oh, and if married or living with a significant other, be sure to bring them too. They may not forgive you, if they missed out on all the fun ;-). We look forward to meeting  you, enjoy your tour, and your fabulous vacation.


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