Marble Canyon Resort

Created Date December, 02 2019
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Location: 5150 Fairway Dr, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B 1L1, Canada, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC , Canada, International

About the Resort:

Here’s your opportunity to enjoy the Rocky Mountain lifestyle, complete with abundant sunshine and magnificent scenery. Hiking, biking, river rafting, paragliding, horseback riding, bird watching, natural hot spring pools and spa treatments are all right outside your door.

Off-Site Activities:

For anyone who likes being near an expanse of water, spending time by a lake can be a magical experience. If you want a resort that is near a lake, check out Marble Canyon. This wonderful resort is popular with tourists and it’s not at all far from a stunning lake either, so you’ll have the best of both worlds.

The thrill of crossing the threshold of a casino is exciting. And it gets better when you walk out with enough winnings to pay for another night out! Don’t leave your choice of resort to chance. Try Marble Canyon and you’ll never be too far from top casino action.

To avid golfers, it ain’t a vacation if you can’t hit the links. Marble Canyon has a golf course in the area. Whether renting clubs or bringing your own, be sure to call ahead for tee times.

Taking to the water and windsurfing is one of the most exhilarating activities to enjoy in great weather. If you want to windsurf at your next vacation resort, try a resort that is not only near the water but can also provide everything you need to have the time of your life. Check out Marble Canyon, where you can enjoy hours of windsurfing.

So, the children are working themselves up and it would be good for them to run off some excess energy. When you’re vacationing with children, it can be good to know that there is a playground nearby. Book Marble Canyon to be close to an attractive playground that your children can enjoy.

If you think that you are familiar with an area, try moving around by horseback and you’ll be aware of things in a whole new way. Horseback riding is an exciting activity for beginners and more experienced riders too. Go to Marble Canyon for all the amenities you need and opportunities for incredible horseback riding nearby.

If you love the sound of the ocean, you might love lying on a beautiful, sandy beach. Near Marble Canyon, you will find that you are well-placed so that fun on the beach is never far away. With blue sky and blue sea, and let yourself relax.

There’s nothing like water skiing for fun on the water.  Marble Canyon and you will be able to make the most of some of the best water skiing around. Whether you are on vacation alone, on vacation with your friends, or on vacation with your family, you’ll find all you need to enjoy hours of beautiful, scenic, fun-filled water skiing.


World class skiing a short drive away.Marble Canyon is half an hour from Panorama Ski Resort, one and a half hours from Kimberley Alpine Resort, and two hours from Fernie Alpine Resort. Lake Louise or Banff are at least an hour away. Golf can be reached by walking for 5 minute(s). Look out your patio door…the golf course is right there. Or travel around a bit to access 12 other golf courses.It is only a five minutes walk to the golf course and a ten minute drive to the Fairmont Resort. A few minutes walk to famous Hot Springs. Shopping and Dining can be reached by walking for 20 minute(s). Fairmont Hot Springs has great amenities within walking distance. There are lots of small shops, Internet Cafes, and a large grocery store within a few minutes drive.The drive to Invermere is about 20 minutes which is on a huge lake complete with a wide variety of water sports and water sport rentals. Invermere has a terrific beach, picnic area, and typical beach town amenities…small shops, restaurants, and larger grocery stores. Very convenient.

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