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Created Date December, 28 2018
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Resort ID: 7643

Location: Muli-Desinations, Various Locations, National , International


Holidays Lounge is a luxury-driven vacation and leisure lifestyle club that provides access to affordable and flexible vacation experiences to its members.  This unique membership program delivers outstanding leisure and travel opportunities that feature world-class experiences from industry-leading alliance partners featuring Carnival Cruise Lines, Sunset World Resorts and Interval International.  Based out of sunny Miami, Florida, Holidays Lounge creates unforgettable vacation memories for their members through an endless variety of vacation resort stays, luxury cruise experiences and flexible leisure lifestyle benefits for the entire family.

Powered by one of the world’s leading vacation exchange networks, Interval International, Holidays Lounge members have the ability to truly discover the world with a globally diverse selection of over 3,000 luxury resort destinations in more than 80 different countries! With maximum flexibility and an abundance of diverse shared-ownership opportunities, members will be able to choose their desired leisure accommodations and activities as well as the when, where and frequency of their vacation experiences.


Holidays Lounge offers top travel destinations, as chosen by its member base. Members purchase vacation ownership for the flexibility and luxury accommodations available throughout the world.

Holidays Lounge proudly offers a collection of luxury resorts and the ability to travel anywhere with prior access to real Holidays Lounge member reviews. Select your bucket list destinations and check out our blog for tips, reviews, and start planning your vacation today!

Holidays is a vacation ownership product offered by Holidays Network Group. Holidays Network Group has established dozens of partnerships and a collection of resorts, to truly offer vacation members the best resort and destination experiences available.

With decades of experience in the resort, hotel and vacation ownership industries, our leadership team has established a network of resorts and benefits to create one of the most flexible memberships available today. Our members are truly in the driver’s seat, to go where they want and when they want and maximize their vacation time. Traditional restrictive timeshare, while this may work for some, is not what most people want nowadays. Most travelers want something fast, flexible and easy.

Our members can sit back pull out their smartphone or tablet and start creating their travel goal list or bucket list and start using their membership to check some spots of the list right away.


Our vacation specialists will make sure your vacations and adventures with us are the very best. Life can be short, and we want to exceed your expectations and go above and beyond.

Travel has never been more accessible and more affordable than ever before. Our affiliate networks are the largest around. We can provide the quality that you are expecting with no disappointments. Hassle free and friction free with the best of times. Our goals are to give you and your family the vacation experience like no other. We are dedicated to excellence in the vacation experience. Providing only quality, at affordable prices.

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