Vidanta World Celebrate Park

Created Date January, 30 2024
Beachfront No Beachfront
Pool Pool

Resort ID: 34517

Location: MPVJ+6P, 63735 Las Jarretaderas, , Nuevo Nayarit-Vallarta, Mexico, International


All the Possibilities of the Impossible

Over the last half century, we’ve been taught that theme parks are the pinnacle of family entertainment. But what if there was something bigger, better, and bolder waiting for you? A place that doesn’t play by the rules of time or gravity, or even reality? What if you could take your vacation to the furthest reaches of your imagination? With Vidanta World, you can.


The Next Evolution in Theme Parks

Vidanta World offers travelers of all ages three revolutionary entertainment parks where anything is possible and nothing is what it seems. At the immersive theme park, you can explore ancient ruins or a mysterious and marvelous jungle. At the water theme park, you can dive into a thrilling oasis filled with the world’s best water attractions. And at the nature theme park, you can explore a rainbow-colored world of wild enchantment. And the best part? The very first phase of Vidanta World is coming soon!


The SkyDream Parks Gondola

Guests at Vidanta Nuevo Nayarit-Vallarta will be transported to Vidanta World in no time thanks to the all-new SkyDream Parks Gondola, which is already open and operating at the resort. The SkyDream is the world’s first-ever beach resort gondola and offers an unparalleled view of Vallarta and the surrounding bay while flying guests between the 5 gondola stations.

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