Hotel Suites La Jolla

Created Date February, 18 2020
Beachfront No Beachfront
Pool Pool

Resort ID: 16601

Location: Av del Mero 204, Sábalo Country, 82100 Mazatlán, Sin., , Mexico, International

Enjoy a romantic getaway in Mazatlan that offers Suites La Jolla Mazatlan, Located in Fracc. Sabalos Country, where you will have the opportunity to walk as a couple or family on a more touristy avenue in the City.

It’s start in Marina and ends in Olas Altas, its journey full of artisan shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, bars will make your getaway unforgettable

Enjoy weekends, we want to help you plan your summer with time. That is why we offer you the best rates on the market, if you are thinking of escaping to Mazatlan, we have unique offers.

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