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Created Date November, 03 2023
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Location: Various Locations , Multi-Destinations , Nationwide, US / Mexico

Our Resorts

Whether it’s a sunny beach getaway, an adventurous mountain escape or a quiet country retreat, our resorts, spacious villas and amenities are designed with families in mind.

Curious About Membership?

See how joining our Club can help you vacation with your family more often, create wonderful travel traditions and make long-lasting memories.

Having Fun with Us

Each resort has its own personality, but they all offer family fun like:

Swimming pools: With slides, lazy rivers, and indoor waterparks, let the kids splash ’til they prune while you lounge on deck. Or, enjoy some quiet pool time for yourself.

Horseback riding: Grab a great photo of your family hitting the trails at our countryside retreats. (Has your kiddo ever asked you for a pony? This is the next best thing, wink, wink.)

Arcades and movies: Ditch the handheld screens for bigger ones that you can enjoy together as a family.

VIP Experiences: Take your vacation to the next level with member-exclusive events and bucket-list moments perfectly planned out for you. Choose from live entertainment, culinary tours, outdoor adventures, cruises and iconic excursions with tickets, engaging tours, private transportation, tasty meals, super-special access and more all included.

Seasonal celebrations: Enjoy special touches year-round, from fall trick-or-treating to warm holiday welcomes and summer camp-inspired activities for kids led by our Activity Team.

Seeing the World with Us

By joining our Club, members get flexible points and access to some of our partner networks.

Want to stay at your favorite resort every year? No problem.

Want variety? With a traditional vacation home, you’re locked into just one destination. With vacation ownership, you can literally see the world. Choose from over 13,000 places worldwide. (No joke. 13,000+.)

We make it easy by partnering with networks covering over 100 countries, so you can make an album of globe-trotting family photos a reality.


Want to try a croissant in Paris? A scone in London? Maybe a slice of New York pizza? There are over 5,600 hotels worldwide you can book through points exchange, thanks to IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group).

As one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, its powerful IHG® Rewards Club loyalty program welcomes our members. That means the city, country or snack you’re craving is likely within your reach.


We don’t mean to brag, but this is a pretty big deal. RCI is the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world. Our partnership provides access to over 4,300 resorts in 110 countries, including the Registry Collection. Pick a place, exchange your Club Points and enjoy.

Interval International

Some of our members can even book through Interval International, with vacation options at nearly 3,200 resorts in over 80 countries. Yet another one of our exchange network partners, Interval International has been operating since 1976 and is consistently recognized as an industry leader.

How Do Timeshares Work?

When people think of timeshares, they think of buying a specific week at a specific resort or location to use when they vacation. This is known as a ‘fixed’ week. While that’s not wrong, just like everything, timeshares have changed.

Today, timeshares, also known as vacation ownership, use points-based programs that offer owners more flexibility when they travel. Owners can use points toward a variety of vacations without having to stick to the same resort during the same week every year.

Fixed Week vs. Points System Options

“Old-school” timeshares have experienced quite a shift since points were introduced. Traditional fixed week timeshares provided accommodations for only one specific week at one resort. This limited the owner’s choices when it came to locations, and they were at the mercy of inclement weather or calendar conflicts.

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