Diamond Resorts International Monarch Grand Vacations

Created Date August, 23 2018
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Resort ID: 1899

Location: Multi-Desinations, Various Locations, National , International

Diamond Resorts International Monarch Grand Vacations


Monarch Grand Vacation Resorts (Diamond)

The Monarch Grand Vacations resort chain was sold to Diamond Resorts in 2012. All Monarch Grand Vacations timeshare resorts are now under the Diamond name, giving thousands of owners and future owners access to the benefits of a Diamond timeshare ownership.

Monarch Grand Vacations timeshare is now part of the Diamond Resorts Monarch Grand Vacations Club Collection. You have the opportunity to use your timeshare week to exchange for another timeshare in the Diamond Resorts collection, as well as gain other owner perks through the Diamond network.

Monarch Grand Vacations resorts are still in operation under the Diamond name. Check out the top resorts available in this collection.

  • Palm Canyon Resort
  • Riviera Beach and Spa Resort I&II
  • Riviera Oaks Resort
  • Riviera Shores Resort
  • Tahoe Seasons Resort
  • Desert Isle of Palm Springs
  • Cancun Resort Las Vegas
  • Cedar Breaks Lodge
  • Cabo Azul Resort

Diamond Monarch Grand Vacations has made a commitment to offering its owners a unique and flexible vacation ownership experience, which includes an affiliation with Interval International, allowing owners vacation access to Interval International’s resort properties worldwide in addition to the resorts under the Monarch umbrella. Your points-based membership with Monarch Grand Vacation offers a Grand Rewards Program (also points-based), which gives you ultimate flexibility in regards to splitting up weeks, spreading your time over several mini-vacations, upgrading the size of your villa, and accessing resorts’ facilities and pools year-round during the day! Just keep in mind that these upgrades are subject to availability, and the earlier you book, the better!

Diamond Resorts International

Vacations should be easy, fun and unforgettable. More than a reward for hard work, they’re an opportunity to recharge, reconnect and remind each other what matters most. They’re fuel for a better life in between our moments away, because knowing another vacation is just around the corner keeps us going.

That’s what a Diamond Resorts Monarch Grand membership delivers. Our destinations, events and experiences help you make a habit of breaking from the routine. With access to a lifetime of entertainment and activities, you and your family can enjoy all that vacations offer over and over again.

Time after time, vacation after vacation, event after event, you can look forward to our unparalleled hospitality. Whether you’re returning to a favorite resort, planning a month abroad with friends or joining us for a VIP reception, we go above and beyond to help you enjoy the feeling of vacation all year long.

With an easy points system, planning your next vacation is simple, because shaking things up doesn’t mean stressing yourself out. As a member, you can use your points to stay at your favorite resort, book a cruise or experience a once-in-a-lifetime guided adventure to the Great Wall of China or to see the Northern Lights in Norway. You’ll also receive special travel benefits, including priority check-in and upgraded accommodations, and can use your points to book rental cars, toward airfare or to shop online. Your points are yours to use however best fits your vacation needs.

We know that it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, bogged down by responsibilities. But by becoming a Diamond Resorts Monarch Grand member, you’re making a promise to take a break. You’re making a commitment to take time out for what’s important. Your membership is guaranteed time to reconnect with the things and people who matter most.


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