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UVCI- Universal Vacation Club International - 37123

Start Date June, 17 2024
Beachfront Beachfront
Pool Pool

Resort: Universal Vacation Club International - UVCI

Property ID: 37123

Unit Number: Vary

Lockout: No

Property Weeks: Floating Week

Property Usage: Annual

Property Sleeps: Sleeps 4

Bedroom Size: 1 Bedroom Suite

Location: Various Locations, Multi-Destinations , Mexico , International


Universal Vacation Club - UVC:

Are you a new member of the esteemed Villa Group timeshare properties and want to learn more about Universal Vacation Club and what exciting benefits await you? The Universal Vacation Club, also known as UVC, is the award-winning vacation ownership management company for The Villa Group Resort properties. Anytime you need to book vacation time, the UVC will help you coordinate and schedule your travel arrangements so that you can have the dream vacation you and your family deserve. We at UVC International want you to have the most amazing vacations each and every time, and our staff members are ready to make your dreams a reality.

Top Resort Destinations:

The Villa Group Resort is well known for our award winning, luxurious and unique resort properties located in the best vacation towns in Mexico. With properties in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit, you have access to the most beautiful and relaxing destinations in Mexico so you can make the most of your hard earned time off. Our resorts were strategically built in these top destinations so that our members have a chance to visit the most beautiful locations in all of Mexico.

Vacation Club Affiliates:

Several different vacation clubs are affiliated with the Villa Group family of resorts as each property has varying ownership levels. In addition, there are different types of memberships sold at each resort. Are you curious what Vacation Club will be the best fit for you and your family? All of our clubs offer a wide variety of Member Services, programs, and benefits although the rules and regulations vary between clubs. Members of all clubs have reciprocal use benefits at each resort destination in accordance with their respective membership type and the terms of their contracts.

Flexibility: Villa Preferred Access:

If you want to have the plan with the most flexibility, you should upgrade to Villa Preferred Access which lets you decide exactly how you want to use your vacation time. The more points you purchase will give you even more opportunities to enjoy all the best benefits and top services of Villa Group’s spectacular resorts. One of the best parts about the Villa Preferred Access is that you won’t lose points if you can’t vacation for some reason one year. Villa Preferred Access allows you to bank or save your points so you can use them at a later date. We at the Villa Group believe you deserve your points and that they should not be wasted. Now the only thing to do is to call UVC and schedule your next vacation today at one of our amazing Villa Group properties…warm and sunny Mexico is beckoning! REWARDS of Ownership:
rewards of owneship villa group timeshare
Vacation ownership offers you a slice of paradise that you can call your own without the responsibility or expense of full ownership. The sense of security and ease that arises from owning a timeshare enables you to fully enjoy your vacations, taking the stress out of planning so you can concentrate on what really matters in life: sharing time with loved ones and friends. The practical advantages of vacation ownership are many, including great savings, large quality accommodations, superb destinations, great resort amenities and the flexibility to exchange your timeshare for other amazing destinations. Once you buy a timeshare, you will never look back and will wonder what took you so long to join the millions of happy owners.

Rewards of Choosing the Villa Group:

The Villa Group has been delighting timeshare owners from around the world for over 28 years and is dedicated to providing the very best quality accommodations at great prices. The company’s long standing expertise in developing spectacular resorts in Mexico’s top vacation destinations such as Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and the Islands of Loreto has meant that owners depart from their resorts more and more delighted each time they visit.

Rewards of the Villa Group Accommodations:

The Villa Group is a world leader in timeshare accommodations that recreate home-like condos with all the mod-cons and comforts you would expect of a home away from home. All of The Villa Group’s timeshare units are generously proportioned and boast fully equipped kitchens, complete with dining and living areas and furnished balconies. Master bedroom suites are deluxe with en suite bathrooms including separate toilet and showers.

Rewards of the Villa Group Resorts:

With so many years of success building exceptional resorts, owning with The Villa Group means that you have access to some of the most accomplished vacation complexes in Mexico. All resorts are beachfront with direct access to the ocean and have a world class spa and fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as large impressive pools and elegant decor and architecture.

Rewards of Villa Preferred Access:

The Villa Group makes vacation ownership completely flexible with Villa Preferred Access. This exclusive program enables owners to exchange their timeshare week(s) for other destinations within The Villa Group repertoire or similarly exchange for points with Interval International Vacation Club for destinations worldwide, including cruise vacations.

CHOICE of Leading Resorts:

villa del palmar cancun timeshare villa group
  • Villa del Palmar Vallarta Beach Resort & Spa – Puerto Vallarta
  • Villa del Palmar Flamingos Beach Resort & Spa – Riviera Nayarit
  • Villa del Palmar Cabo Beach Resort & Spa – Cabo San Lucas
  • Villa del Arco Beach Resort & Spa – Cabo San Lucas
  • Villa del Palmar Loreto Beach Resort & Spa – Islas de Loreto
  • Villa del Palmar Cancún Beach Resort & Spa – Cancún
Become an owner with The Villa Group and enjoy a remarkable collection of timeshare resorts in the most fantastic beach destinations in Mexico. With stunning coastal resorts in Cabo San Lucas, Cancún, Loreto, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, you will never grow tired of vacationing in Mexico. The award-winning The Villa Group timeshare complexes all boast world class spas, state-of-the-art fitness centers, gourmet restaurants, large pools and are surrounded by elegant architecture and lush landscaped gardens. Choosing to become an owner of one of Mexico’s most incredible timeshare properties is a lifestyle choice and one that will enhance your vacation experiences for many years to come.

Villa Preferred Access:

Villa Preferred Access membership means that you can benefit from complete flexibility. Depending on your membership privileges, you can choose which Villa Group resort you wish to visit each year. With such an amazing collection, you will want to try out all of them.  

“Membership Valid Until 2035- 11 Years Remaining” 

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