Grand Luxxe at Vidanta - 34211

Start Date December, 05 2023
Beachfront Beachfront
Pool Pool

Resort: Vidanta Grand Luxxe Residence Club

Property ID: 34211

Unit Number: Vary

Lockout: No

Property Weeks: 2 Registered Weeks ; 2 Vacation Fair Weeks; Kingdom of the Sun at Vidanta Included for 10 Years ;- Golf & Spa Discounts

Property Usage: Annual

Property Sleeps: Sleeps 4

Bedroom Size: 1 Bedroom Suite

Location: Multi-Desinations , Various Locations, Mexico, Internatioanal


Vidanta Grand Luxxe Residence Club

Over the years, Vidanta has grown into the premier luxury resort in Mexico by carefully cultivating a collection of destinations where families from all over the world can come to experience time exploring, relaxing, and making memories together. These resorts are known as the seven Vidanta destinations—each unique in its beauty and charms, but all united in their quality. The last word in Luxury-talk about top shelf—posh accommodations, exclusive amenities, and singular personal service await at Vidanta’s premier resort destination. Grand Luxxe offers a deliciously sophisticated getaway to the most discerning palates. Once you experience the epitome of modern luxury, you’ll have a hard time coming back down to earth. Grand Luxxe with nine towers of lavish accommodations built along the breathtaking bluffs of the Ameca River, Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta is a paragon of luxury living.

Kingdom of the Sun at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta – Valid for 10 Years

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