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ARI- America Resorts International Alpenland - 32803

Start Date May, 02 2023
Beachfront No Beachfront
Pool Pool

Resort: ARI American Resorts International Alpenland Maria Alm

Property ID: 32803

Unit Number: Vary

Lockout: No

Property Weeks: Floating Week

Property Usage: Biennial Usage Odd Years

Property Sleeps: Sleeps 2-4

Bedroom Size: Studio Suite

Location: Hochkönigstraße 31, 5761, Maria Alm, Austria, Central Europe


Welcome to Maria Alm! Welcome to alpine beauty, quietness, strength, power and to serenity. At the Alpenland Maria Alm we invite you to explore all Maria Alm, the alpine Hochkönig region and the Salzburger Land have to offer. Open your eyes, ears and heart to experience the tradition and heritage of Maria Alm, challenge yourself in exploring the strength and serenity of the surrounding nature, have the thrill of a lifetime venturing out and experience new adventures, while always knowing that the Alpenland yourhotle Maria Alm is awaiting your return and stands ready to pamper you, recharge your inner batteries. A place you can feel right at home at. We are looking forward to YOU!

Alpenland Maria Alm

Experience the natural beauty and create memories together with us at the Alpenland Maria Alm. The impressive Hochkönig is ever present and only its presence and to look at it will strengthen your spirit and entice you to venture out and experience all the region has to offer Whether it is to explore the mountains hiking through the forrests and up the hills, or with a leisurely bike ride along the valley the deeply rooted tradition of Maria Alm and welcoming nature of its people will captivate your senses. In winter challenge the slopes and explore the many sites and sounds, all the while knowing that the Alpenland Maria Alm awaits your return and welcomes you.

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